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Electronic-Headphone's News

Posted by Electronic-Headphone - September 22nd, 2020

It is here once again.

Damn, this MD was a lot more watchable than MD17,18,19.

More animations and more watchable.

I am so glad I have finally done my solo animation: Madness Incursion. (Don't get confused, there is also one called that)

You might check it out:

With the icon of @DeimosArt -

You might go support him and this underrated masterpiece: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/gemryan123/hank-alternate-version

And also go watch the Speed-Paint of it:


Also, animation by @Djjaner about me loosing my laptop and then getting it back:

And an animation by @Pro-Gamer66 -

You also can view all of these on MadCzech YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfV8djCjeDm4T4nXShPCmaQ

I've been also invited to the great animation Madness: Black Berserk by @BlackholeStudios and was supposed to be the voice actor of Gopnik. I think it's pretty easily recognizable due to that ,,russian voice".

Then a lot soundtracks came out, but these are the ones I am mostly proud of:

You also might listen to these 2 great @CryNN tracks:


Then by @Joshuaoriade and @Demonicity


And by Janer and @Cuizo

over here:


This was seriously a true awesome day for me and I also hope it was for you. There is a ton of submissions to choose from to watch/listen or maybe even play. This was a miracle.




Posted by Electronic-Headphone - August 23rd, 2020

Whoa. Another goal of mine which I had years ago came true.

I just wanna say thanks a lot, because this is the only site that I ,,succeeded" on.

Thank you all for 200 fans - each and every one of them.

Stay tuned for MD ,,season", I might upload something.


Posted by Electronic-Headphone - May 24th, 2020

Hello everone.

After a long time I finally got into animating (atleast a bit) again and I was wondering if I should make a compilation of my Madness Combat clips. There are like 10 missing, because I lost access to some of them or just wanted to leave them for a while (or for a next compilation, but that's unreal for now).

Few hours ago it really happened and I must say I like it (ofc when it is my own production).

So if you have a loads of free time, you are sick of life or just bored and have nothing to do go watch this result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fDokr11rSs

Anyway, a huge thanks to @Djjaner for putting the clips and the soundtrack together!

Peace to all!!


Posted by Electronic-Headphone - March 18th, 2020

Everybody go watch this masterpiece!!



Posted by Electronic-Headphone - January 1st, 2020

I know, that it's already so damn over-used to just say, that the previous year ran so damn fast, but still can't believe it. Even tho, it isn't something, that I would celebrate, 'cause there's nothing to celebrate about end of the previous year and the beggining of the next year. It isn't even a real thing. 2019 was a year, that really don't know, what opinion of mine of it should be. I achieved a lot of things, but failed a lot of things - wich, when I think about it, it's a basic type of life. Just as previous year, I'm not creating any visions of the whole next one. I really don't know how it will look like with animations of mine, 'cause it's not my priority anymore like in 2016 and 2018. Kinda miss the old Madness community too and also the times, when Madness was everything for me. It was truly the main thing, that I turned my laptop on everyday. I was so motivated back then. But now I don't know if it has some valuable future. Also, the thing that I most enjoyed in the last 2 and a half months was to just relax in my room and think about the moments from past, that I enjoyed the most. So, I really have no idea what to expect and how much active or inactive I will be. Would love to see some Collabs, but honestly, the community seems to be dying. Let's just see what happens. Good luck in your life and achieve everything you want!!! Bye for now.


Posted by Electronic-Headphone - September 22nd, 2019

Whoa! That ran so damn fast! I cannot actually believe, that it has been already a year since MD 2018! There werent so many anims, but I was excited to watch everything anyway. This time it wasnt so special for me like yeares ago, but that doesnt matter, cuz its MD!!

You also might check this masterpiece - Brutality Collab: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/738761

I am proud to be a part of it.

Enjoy MD, fellaz!!



Posted by Electronic-Headphone - August 18th, 2019

Hello there! Havent posted nothing here for 7 months. Not been that busy, just needed to take another break.

Just wanna tell ya, i am not quitting madness.

I am actually planning to back again, but i am a lazy fuck.

But i am sure i will take a place atleast in more than one collab till the end of this year. As you can know, Madness Brutality Collab is coming soon. I have done my work for this collab wich is organized by @CryNN (Sapky) even before my 3rd loooong break. Cant wait to watch this collab. Dat all from me.

Also, anything new from u? Write down :)

Posted by Electronic-Headphone - January 1st, 2019

Wow, cannot believe, that another year is in front of us.
And the decade almost ends.
I wasnt even hyped, bcz the atmosphere wasnt the same like in previous yeares on Silvester. Even weather was weird. Even if some yeares were worse, the last day always saved it. But this time, it was nothing for me. Lets just (all) hope that this year will not be that horrible like 2018. 
Idk, if I will be active this year, bcz crappy problems of fucking school, I dont have good mood for animating, I recently only made 1 clip after 3 months, cuz I felt like I must do atleast something and take place in this collab. Clip is for collab, that should be uploaded soon and it is a reborn, so stay tuned. Also, I cant be still negative so: I start school again at 8th January, so while there are some days of CHILL, it is still good. :D
Anyway, I wish all the best to everyone of you here and a lot of support on ur animations and break ur goals.
Thats all from me. Good luck!!

UPD (21:15): Well, this was an awesome stylish bloodbath collab, cant say how enough great it was, check it out: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/723732


Posted by Electronic-Headphone - September 22nd, 2018

Holy shit, another MD. Seemed like MD17 was like month ago, lel.
Such great animations on this MD and much better and more of them than at the previous one. But MC11 is stillnowhere, whatever :D
Also, for many of you, that u dont know, i had 5 months break from animating, but today i somehow got a good mood and even my inner voices told me: ,,make atleast one clip for MD, (you lazy fuck :D)". So I managed to join Bodyless 4.
Every1 made hella great work!! I am proud to be a part of it, and thanks Janer for letting me in :3

Link is right here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/717558
Enjoy, fellaz!! :)


Posted by Electronic-Headphone - May 24th, 2018

Whoa! It is here, 100 fans.
It has been worth waiting and animating.
Big thanks to each and every of man fans.
Maybe some ppl can say, that it is just 100 fans, but it means for me.
I really appreciate your support.

Once again,