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Entry #1

A question

2014-05-08 07:54:37 by Electronic-Headphone

Guys, should I submit some movie(s) ??? Let me know in the comments. And how many movies I should submit ???



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2014-05-09 02:02:39

Sure, but that still doesn't tell me what they gonna be.

Electronic-Headphone responds:

You can tell me what they gonna be about.


2014-05-09 16:07:06

How about video games ?

(Updated ) Electronic-Headphone responds:

You meen I should submit some game ?? Or do a movie about games ??


2014-05-10 16:57:40

A movie about video games.

Electronic-Headphone responds:

Ok, and you want from me to submit some madness movie about games ? Or a movie where are stickmans playing video games ?


2014-05-11 18:15:03

Those two ideas seems pretty good.

Electronic-Headphone responds:

Well, I will try the second idea, the stickmans playing video games.